Here's What You'll Get

The GIFunnel system.

The easiest way to build an email list for super cheap and in most cases for free.

A 60-Day email follow-up sequence that sucks in commissions that are essentially bonus money for you since you get paid per click regardless - with or without sales.

All the tech taken care of by my team.

Training on how to get cash-in-hand clients that are already spending money.

How to post free ads in Facebook groups to get more clients.

Insider access to the biggest email traffic web properties online today to get more sales.

All the support you need to achieve your goals, you even get my phone access.

The Conversion Boost™ Guarantee

If your conversions or sales don't increase in the first 30 days, you won't pay us a dime.

See What Other Clients Are Saying

"Teaches how to make money online & what you need to do, got 2 sales within the 1st 3 days and then 15 sales in the 1st week..."

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Matt Harris

From Pennsylvania, USA

"This system got me results. I run 2 campaigns, which got me 3,300 Signups using just two simple principles..."

Moez Fawaz

From USA

"It's one of the most comprehensive package I have ever seen in the market..."

Mehrasa Heyadarian

From USA

"The methods I used to build my lists and to become able to sell 6,000 clicks orders is all because of Prashant Sharma..."

Vegard S. Haaskjold

From Namsos, Norway

Frequently Asked Questions:

How long does the setup take? 

The GI Funnel setup takes around 4-5 business days. As soon as you get into the program you’ll be given your login details, that part is instant. After that, it takes 4-5 days for everything to be setup and ready to make you sales.

How do I get in touch with the support?

You can go to

Or email me at

Or Text me at: +1 209 813 4006 or +1 206 973 7559

Just click the button on the top of this page to schedule a quick call with me if you’re ready to join but have a few last minute question, I’m open to it and am always reachable.

Are there any other costs involved? Any monthly recurring payments?

No. There are no monthly recurring fees with us. I don’t sell anything else, no upsells, no other products - no shenanigans. The only recurring payments you’ll have are same as you would need for doing anything online i.e:

An autoresponder to store your leads and make you automated commissions.

A Click tracking tool because you’re going to be dealing with traffic and getting conversions.

A $2.50 WordPress hosting.

All the other costs are absorbed by us. We buy your domain names, setup everything, buy licenses to script and transfer everything to your accounts once it’s all setup. You’ll always have 100% control over your business when you start working with us.

Is there a payment plan?

Nope, we don’t have a payment plan but there is something you can do about it. If you’re going to pay me using a credit card, you can put the entire sum on the card and make installment payments or part payments to the credit card company. Essentially meaning you do get a payment plan, just not from me, but from the credit card company.

And you will be able to get a much lower monthly installment when you do that. You’d probably just have to pay $200-300 bucks per month which is a way better plan that I can offer you.

How do I get paid per click on my GIFunnel?

Answer is not in the PPT. 

Is there a guarantee? 

Yes and NO! See, you’re joining us for results and I know how to get them for you. Otherwise it is just not possible for anyone to have the kind of testimonials we have and in the volume that we have.

We guarantee that you get results with us because that is what you joined us for. So here’s my results guarantee - If within the first 6 weeks you don’t see any sales even after implementing the program, I will personally work with you in figuring out what went wrong, why you didn’t get results and ensure you get results.

This serves a 2 fold purpose, not only do you identify the problem that was holding you back, you also keep moving in the direction of profits. Because otherwise the alternative would be just getting into another program.

And if after 6 weeks and working with me YOU STILL don’t profit? I will give you 100% of your money back.

You are joining us for results and that’s what we tackle. 

How long does it take to get a positive return on my investment?

I cannot give you an exact number of days because (1) that’s not possible (2) I cannot do that legally.

But what I can do is tell you that from my past clients, it takes anywhere from 40-45 days for people to see substantial returns. I’m not talking measly $10-20 either. Genuine sales worth hundreds and even thousands the proves that not only the system works but it also gets consistent sales.

It could be a lot faster for you, could be a lot slower depending on your level of experience. It’s simple really, you got to learn how to walk first before you can start running. And if you’ve never made more than a few thousand dollars online - to hit your first $10K/month is going to take some time. It’s not going to be overnight - this is not a get rich quick scheme.

Can I promote my existing offers using the G.I Funnel?

Yes, you can simply copy paste your affiliate links inside the GI Funnel backend to automatically promote them if that’s what you choose to do with it. But selling traffic is the real power because you’re going to get the affiliate sales as free bonus money anyway, with the way we have things structured.

What if this is another GURU type offer? 

The real question you have is - is this time going to be different? I have helped a lot of people who were tired of spending money on courses, trainings and anytime they needed help they had to upgrade to the next level or send more money to the gurus.

The real answer to this question is if nothing changes nothing changes. You’re never going to make any progress sitting on the sidelines.

Can I start even if I have no experience? Or an Email list? 

Yes, we show you how to get started selling traffic even if you have no traffic experience, even if you’ve made no sales online yet, have no email list or any skills when it comes to conversions.

That’s what I specialize in and you get insider access to me, my team and our world class websites and trainings. - Copyright 2021. | Terms of Services | Privacy Policy | For questions & Support contact us at: