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I recently recorded a video to show you ‘The Power Of Email Lists'… There's 3 Hour & 24 Hour Comparison see the video to know more:

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Here’s what we made in less than 24 hours:

(Made almost $7,500 overall in 48-60 hours but $2,500ish came from this campaign that you’ll see below)

The email that I sent is attached below but the email wasn’t the real secret here!

….no sir! The email worked because I did the MOST IMPORTANT THING correctly – I got the offer right.

See, if you try to sell ice to Eskimos you’ll never succeed – you might trick one Eskimo into doing something but that’s not a business.

If you really want to succeed – you need to sell something that people already WANT.

….Something you won’t have to really SELL to them – something they are buying already!

What did I sell to make this kind of cash in 24 hours? I sold TRAFFIC….

And the best part – you don’t even need any existing traffic knowledge if you want to sell traffic. There is a way to do that – more on that later.

Anyway, using the same methods I was able to generate over $887,000 with just 1 funnel.

And I know you’re probably going – BULLLLLSHITTTTTT…..

That’s understandable – but the method I used just doesn’t work for me, it has worked for hundreds of others from all over the world. See this video:

With the GI Funnel working for you and a wee bit of experience you can literally be getting a few hundred dollars in sales.

….Add some more of the magic source called experience & you’ll get to a few thousand in residual income – without ever having to leave your home.

OR having to spend time and money on TRYING to figure out what works & what doesn’t.

….also did I mention you can work with the GIFunnel & spend less than 2 hours a day running the entire thing?

Yes, I know it sounds too good – and that’s why I recorded a video showing you exactly what to do. Because frankly – words are a dime a dozen! Let me show you how to do it yourself too.

Sooooooo….. if the following things interests you, I think we should 100% work together:

  1. Build an email list for free.
  2. Get traffic to any offer that you want.
  3. Get paid on a per-click basis and without any sales.
  4. Get consistent daily sales.

If this is something that doesn’t appeal to you, I completely understand. It’s not for everybody.

Let’s go, Let’s go!

If you have any questions – I’ll quickly get on a phone call with you and sort out any issues you have. Click Here To Book A Call!


Here’s the email I sent by the way:

Subject Line: Now open: {Registration}

Email Body:


I am here with Good News!!

Almost a month back I ran a 20% discount offer on my premium-traffic packages. I did it after 2 years because (a) I’ve never had to do discounts because of My loyal customer base (b) Running discounts is too much work for LESS money.

But recently, we invested tens of thousands of dollars into sky-rocketing our lists and therefore we have some extra clicks that YOU can experience and know FIRST HAND why people who work with us once, never go anywhere else 🙂

So yea, when we offered it a month back, people went totally crazy over it.

My inbox was slammed with messages & some people were pissed because They couldn’t get in…

Reason: I had only 10 spots and it was SOLD OUT in less than 2 days, I couldn’t let more people in…I had vastly under-estimated the demand for my traffic 😛

Some even thought that I was using fake scarcity and will keep the spots open (For as long as I can) and I don’t play that silly game with my reputation.

10 MEANS 10. Period.

After talking to the people who wanted in but couldn’t get the packages, I finally decided that I am going to run this offer one more time Just for YOU guys!

(so that you wouldn’t be mad at me anymore…)

But I am going to increase the spots from *10* to *15* this time! And depending on the demand this time, we are going to decide whether we are going to do it every month or ONCE EVERY 3 MONTHS!

Here’s what I’ve got:

This package is for a limited time (5 Days) I am opening up 15 spots for 3 click packages:

  1. 1000 clicks @ 597 ($0.59/click)
  2. 400 clicks @ $247 ($0.61/click)
  3. 300 clicks @ $197 ($0.65/click)

If you have any offer that you’d like to see converting then THIS IS FOR YOU.

I won’t do this again and there is no fake scarcity. If you followed it last time, you already know this to be true.

I WILL NOT let more than 15 people in or extend the deadline quoting any invalid reason or make you feel like a fool in the end for Trusting me and my discount deals.

Here’s the offer that I have for YOU-

——— 20% Off my Usual Prices + BONUSES ———

….you’re either in or you’re out.

And there are only 3 packages at Discount:

3 Packages to Choose From | 2 days | 15 Spots | Discounts Prices!


And if the 20% OFF isn’t enough to have you clicking the link above and booking your package, these SIX free gifts will surely do the trick:

Bonus 1: a 7 Day Email Sequence that you can modify within seconds to promote any product in the world and that convert like gangbusters. These emails easily add an EXTRA 5 FIGURES to my business…

Bonus 2: Email Writing Masterclass, this is the exact 30 minute masterclass that my $5,000 high end coaching clients get & these guys mean business. You’re going to LOVE some of the techniques I mention in this short, to-the-point tutorial.

Bonus 3: A 100% FREE critique of your pages or funnels and I’ll tell you exactly how to improve your conversions & sales (I’ve seen millions of clicks worth of data).

Bonus 4: The simple 4 Step formula to build a $10,000+ per month business from scratch.

Bonus 5: A Super simple but sneaky trick to multiply clicks, so if you buy 1 click you end up getting 1.5-2 clicks. This means you’ll be able to cut your ad spends quite drastically (barely takes 5 minutes to implement and learn).

Bonus 6: A Unique method which let you drive unlimited traffic to any offer that you have & help you get leads for almost free (Let others pay for your leads) + A strategy call session with me (which is again absolutely FREE).


That’s a ton of goodies…. and you get it all F.R.E.E when you decide to get any of the 3 traffic packages.

Go here right now and claim your spot before they’re all gone for good:


Talk soon,
Prashant Sharma

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I know there are some mistakes in this email – they were unintentional but they still got me AMAZING results.

…just goes to tell you that if you do the 1 thing that we talk about in the following presentation RIGHT, you can actually screw up 60% and still make bank.