Transcript Of The Video:

Hey, this is Prashant, and today I'm gonna show you How to promote 3-5 different products to the same person in real-time.

I'm not talking about email follow-ups, I'm talking about as soon as the visitor comes to your website being in a position to promote 3-5 different products. And the reason why you wanna do this is really simple, let's say you go into a store and you're looking to lose some weight, right.

So you're looking for a diet program that helps you lose weight, you're not into putting pills in your body that would help you lose weight.

So you go into a store and all they offer is diet pills. You're obviously not gonna buy.

At the same time, another person comes into that store and he's looking for diet pills but this store offers diet ebooks
or diet programs. He/She isn't gonna buy either.

So you've to give your consumers, the people who come to your website what they want. And that's why it's really important that you use the click multiplication script that I give you in the first comment below this video.

Use it in your funnels to multiply clicks, to offer more products to the same person so you have a higher chance of conversion, right.

And it has not been possible to do this because 99% of the people don't really do it because they're not taught how to and it's really really simple.

All you really have to do is use the script that I give you, implement it into your funnel and it's 100% FREE.

There are no catches, you can download in the first comment below this video, alright. So this is how the traditional funnel that 99% of the affiliates use, this is how it looks.

The problem with this kind of funnel is that there is only one offer made to one person.

So if the person isn't really looking to buy as in the example that I gave you the diet pill and the diet course or book
or a diet plan example, they're not gonna buy.

So it's one product for one customer that's how the traditional funnel works and it used to work really really well in 2015-16, all the way like backward if you wanna just go from 2008 or even the beginning of the internet when we started promoting products online using optin pages, right. It used to work really well but this is 2019 it doesn't work as well as it used to.

So this is what we use and this is how the click multiplication funnel looks like, right.

So the user comes in and this is what they'll see. There is a page with a big button on it, they click on this button they're taken to a new tab where they put in their email address, and then they're taken to another page which could either be another options page or it could be your sales letter.

Now, look what happens to the first page that they clicked the big button on.It redirects to a page that gives them 2 options. They can take the offer:

  1. Which is this or offer;
  2. Which is this and then you've another offer that they landed up after entering the email address which was the offer;
  3. So this gives you the ability to promote 3 different products to the same user in real-time which is not possible with the traditional funnel.

Now you might want to do another level deep and promote 5 different products and the way you do it is you have the big red button page that leads to the optin page that leads to another page with options to choose from 1 or 2 different products.

And the back page, the first tab that they landed up on, that also redirects to a different offer.

So now you're offering multiple products to the same person real-time and this is really powerful because you're making offers and I already gave you an example, the more offers that you make the more money you can make.

Now the email follow-up that's just an add-on, you can always follow up with them and close sales but this is the script that you need to install on all your funnels.

Another advantage of using this script is you're using Micro Commitment.

Now Micro Commitment basically means that you're having your audience put their hands up and ask you for the offer. So basically what happens is if you give them 2 options and they click on either of the 2 buttons they just raised their hands that this is what they want.

That's Micro Commitment and you're gonna get higher conversions.

You can Google Micro Commitment and you're gonna see that it really helps get conversion rates, you know it really boost your conversion rates.

So, how do you implement this script into your funnel?

It's really simple, I have put the link to this script and the usage because I didn't wanna make this video long-drawn, so I have put the link to the direct download of the script and the way you can use it in your funnels in the first comment.

I'm not including any links in this video because this is not a promotional video, this is just an information value-based video that I wanted to do. And I've been wanting to do it for a long time.

So just get the script, implement it into your funnel and promote multiple products to the same people, so you get more money because more offers are equal to more money. And the email follow-ups, that's just the add-on.

So this is Prashant I'll talk to you soon. B-Bye.