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Hey, this is Prashant, and I'm excited that you're here today because, in the next few minutes, I'm going to show you How To Get Conversions On Every Single Click Generated On Your Website even if you make no sales whatsoever.

That's right, I said you make money with every single click, and you get paid before anybody else even sees a dollar.

Meaning if you don't get paid well, nobody else gets their share of money either. And that's true power.

I will also show you how to never worry about traffic and conversions or even email list building ever again. And if you stick around, what I will do is I will give you instant access to the funnel that has almost generated $887,000.



Above is the screenshot of $411,366 in my PayPal account. Then there is $104,836 in my Stripe account. Another $114,905 in my invoicing app called Harvestapp.

And then I get multiple payments that hit my account every single week.

Not only am I going to give you this funnel over and above that, what I'm going to do is I'm also going to throw in the secret $250 click-multiplication script that multiplies clicks and leads.

Meaning you get more conversions without doing anything extra, just copy-paste the script. And most people who've used this in the past have seen at least a 55 to 60% increase in their conversions.

Now, before we proceed – A Quick Disclaimer: My results, obviously are not typical.

Do I mean that you're going to read this blog and end up making $800,000+? Not At All.

I'm not a guru who feeds off of people looking to get rich quickly.

I don't even know your experience level or your work ethic so I cannot make that claim. However, what I can say is we have the industry's best success rates.

For the first time in my online journey and I was reluctant about sharing this, but what I'm going to do is I'm going to share with you something that got me into legal trouble.

I got a legal notice sent to me by two gurus who hated my guts for spilling the beans on what happens in the affiliate marketing and the online marketing space. I'll even include the legal notice a little later in this blog.

Because you're going to be investing the next few minutes with me, I want to tell you what the outcome is going to be for you because that's what's the most important part of this blog.

So My Big Promise to you is that by the end of this blog:

  1. You'll never have to worry about traffic and conversions.
  2. I'll also show you the secret funnel structure that gets you paid for every single click that happens on the funnel, not sales, but every click makes you money.
  3. I will also show you how to use this almost unfair traffic and conversion secret that you'll have access to today and use it to get paid before anybody else in the market. So much so that if you don't get paid, nobody else gets paid either.
  4. I will show you how to build an email list for free and get affiliate commissions that are more or less bonus sales for you without putting in any extra effort and all this, even if you have no traffic skills or tech skills or any selling experience.

You don't even need an email list for this funnel to work for you. And before you jump the gun and call it just another shiny object, let me tell you that this does not just work for me, it works for regular people as well.

People from all walks of life have a ton of success stories.

Now with the testimonials and everything out of the way, this is going to work the best for people who are trying to sell something online.

It could be an affiliate product or your product, but there is something even better than selling affiliate products or your products.

I'll let you in on the secret in a little bit, but as long as you're selling stuff online, this blog will help you sell more and get a consistent daily income going, which I think is the best part about this method.

Getting paid $300-$350 or even $400 per day gives you the freedom and the certainty that the bills will be taken care of.

Or maybe you want to take out your family for a vacation. You can do that.

Maybe you want to buy something that you've always wanted. The kids will have a happy life, and you'll always have enough to cover up the expenses if God forbid, some sort of emergency shows up, which happened in my case, and I'll share with you what happened shortly.

It almost wiped me out completely. The sad and unfortunate fact is even though we are in 2021 right now, the big problems and traps that I faced 12 years ago are the same problems that people are having right now.

And here's how my journey went 12 years ago:

I started buying into these smaller products and started implementing the information without knowing that I was being played, I was being conned.

I was a sucker promoting someone else's business on my time, money, and effort. And anytime I ran into a problem, I had no support whatsoever. No idea how to solve my problems, and if someone offered me support, all they tried to do was sell me on another idea, the new shiny object, because that's how they made money.

This kept me spinning my wheels for years before I made any progress.

The thing that was a wake-up call for me was a liver infection I had almost three years into my online journey.

I was bedridden for almost two months, and whatever money I had saved up was spent taking care of the stupid infection. The medical policy that I had didn't cover it so it was pretty expensive. And you can see the report below. Everything in my liver profile report was just crazy bad.

Every reading was hundreds of times more than the normal limits, not double or triple, but hundreds of times more.

Needless to say, work, business, and even family life were affected. And it was then that I realized how stupid I had been. Even though I had worked hard for years, I had nothing to show for it.

I was sh*t scared, to be honest, and so was my family. I realized that even though I was working hard, I didn't have enough to sail me through one medical emergency.

Fortunately, it was me that had this problem because if a family member had this issue and I wasn't able to provide good care to them because of lack of money, I would be devastated as a man. I would've lost all respect for myself, and maybe it's just me, but that's how I taught.

I clearly remember there were nights when I couldn't sleep, and all I could do was wonder what was I doing wrong.

I was literally, and I hate to admit it, I was crying inside like a little girl, but I had to keep a strong front. My health and business were both down the gutter. There were nights I wanted to break my laptop into a million pieces.

And I can tell you from first-hand experience – failure after working hard, just because you're missing a piece of the puzzle is not easy. It demotivates you, it kills the fire in your belly.

It was then that I made two rules for myself that completely changed my life.

Rule #1: I will only do things that make me money upfront. I get paid first. I'm not going to send traffic to offers and hope and pray that I get conversions. I will only do things that make me money first. And if I don't make money, nobody else does.

I was tired of hoping for things to work.

It was time for me to make it big or perish, and I was ready for that.

All in. And I had tried hoping, and praying and it didn't work. So I was 100% all-in after this.

Rule #2: I will build a business that I can control. I'm not going to send people to an affiliate offer and fund some gurus next supercar. In the offline world, this is common sense because you don't set up a store and then send people to the store next door.

Nor am I going to risk money, setting up a dropshipping business, and hold up thousands of dollars in inventory. In short, I'm not going to fall for shiny objects. I did that for a long time, and maybe that's what you're doing too.

You set up a website or a funnel and send people from your funnel to someone else's offer. That just didn't make sense to me. Add to that the fact that I had wasted tens of thousands of dollars promoting other people, and even then 1 medical emergency wiped out my entire bank balance almost. I knew that this wasn't the right way.

And that was the first step – accepting that I was wrong. I'm not building a business that I have no control over.

Now why this rule? See:

There are countless stories of people losing money and the entire business because of companies getting shut down or going bankrupt, or simply not honoring their contracts.


The article that you see is directly from FTC's or the federal trade commission's website. You can google it to find more information.

Now I have nothing against this particular company. There are a ton of bad companies out there, and it's just unfortunate. But I just mentioned their name because there was this guy I spoke to a couple of months back who started promoting this product called Digital Altitude a couple of years back.

He invested quite a bit of money with them and within a few weeks of starting to promote the company, the company got shut down by the FTC. He lost all the money, and more than that – he lost interest in online marketing. He thought everything is a scam, but that isn't true.

Simply because if you scroll through your Facebook newsfeed, you know countless people who are pretty successful with the online marketing thing.

People are making tens of thousands of dollars a week doing this. So even though he didn't get the results with digital altitude or this company, that doesn't mean that internet marketing doesn't work. It's just that he wasn't in control of the business. And he got shot down.

Now, you don't stop eating just because you got food poisoning that one time in 2016. You cannot let your feelings dictate your actions. You have to step outside your comfort zone, and that is what I did.

So the point that I wanted to make is: You always want to be in control.

Now, once I set up the two rules that I had, I looked for someone who could help me with setting up this business that delivers consistent sales, and once I found him, I invested the last $3,000 that I had on my credit card and borrowed another $2,000 from friends and family to invest for them and learn from him directly.

I was not going to waste another 2-3 years trying to learn something new; I use the ultimate shortcut – which is – Having an over the shoulder access to someone who's already done what you want to do.

Now, Quick Disclaimer here again because I like to keep things super clear and transparent.

The investment that I made with my mentor was put on a credit card, so it wasn't that I had no money left. After I made this investment, I had a month and a half worth of money in the bank to take care of the daily expenses.

So, I started working with my mentor, and things worked so well for me that I started having my best months, then best quarters, then best years of financial success.

Fast forward to 2020, I don't have to worry about money at all.

Since then, I've invested tens of thousands of dollars with mentors because I realized their importance. The best in the world – businessmen, athletes – Everyone who's successful they have mentors. Why do you think that is?

2020 was a challenging year for a lot of businesses. And it re-emphasized the importance of having good mentors.

People who can help you achieve your goals because when other businesses were shutting down and struggling, which is, unfortunately no doubt, my business was doing record numbers.

I was diagnosed with the COVID-19 virus in November of 2020.

And even though I was in-home quarantine and didn't have time to work on my business at all because of the bad headaches that I was getting, which is a symptom of COVID-19, here's how much money I made during the 11-day quarantine. Talk about a turnaround for the books, right?

That's $10,060 made without doing any work myself. The fact is once you set up things right, once you work on the fundamentals, it becomes easy to get the big juicy commissions and sales.

And even though I've had the ups and downs, I've finally reached a stage where I can say I've made it. What makes me more grateful and happy is how proud my wife and my family are of my achievements.

And even though we're 12 years into my online journey, the struggles I faced back then are the same struggles people face even today.

I see so many people getting pulled in all sorts of different directions.

There's so much information out there that it's super hard to figure out who to listen to and who to ignore.

Every kid with a laptop and a webcam is now a business guru. Every day hardworking people take time out of their schedules to set up Shopify stores, buy into MLM or network marketing methods.

Some even spend money buying traffic and still make no sales online. I understand that because I've been there too. And so have almost 80% of my clients that I've helped with the exact same method that you're going to get access to today.

Like Brian:

When we spoke to him, he had been trying to get his online business off the ground for three years. He had a full-time job. So the online marketing was always on and off for him, but he had invested in different shiny objects or opportunities before he came to us.

Most products he bought were low ticket so they had no support and his own words, not mine: “a lot of them were sh*tty”. 34 days with us and he closed $6,788.

Now he was able to do that so quickly because he already knew some of the pieces of the puzzle, we just helped them put them all together. He already knew what funnels were and what email marketing was. So, his results were a lot quicker. But remember, you got to learn how to walk first before you can start running.

Another one of our clients, Sullivan, started working with us a couple of months back. He had also wasted money trying to promote affiliate offers, which seems to be the trend still. And six weeks with us got him to $150-200 on an average.

Now, these results aren't typical and maybe it'll take you a little longer, or maybe it'll be a lot faster for you to see the results depending on the speed of implementation and experience that you have. But we have the best training in the world and the support in the world.

So that's why we have such a high success rate.

Andy used this method and made $5,000, and suddenly he became a preacher, which is my favorite part.

Before $5,000 or $10,000 were usual for him, he was in a sad headspace simply because he was tired of losing money, tired of watching webinar after webinar, tired of YouTube videos, going to social media to see all the other succeeding and he didn't even know what he was doing wrong.

Fast forward to this day, $5,000 in a single day made him post motivational stuff, which just shows you that when the sales keep coming in, the cash flow and bills are taken care of – You become a different person. A person who is in control and the gold in his post as a point he made step 1. If nothing changes, nothing changes!

He stepped up and accepted success.

Will you do the same? Well, we'll find out a little bit. Anyway, not only does my system worked to produce consistent sales for regular people, but it also helps you build an email list, which is an incredibly powerful asset.

Using our GIFunnel, Dev built an email list of 9,600 people for less than 1 cent per lead.

How did he do it? Well, we get paid for every single click and not sales so we don't even end up paying for traffic in most cases. And I'm giving you the keys to this funnel today.

These are some of the hundreds of people that we've helped get consistent sales, but the main reason why things have changed for these people is that all they did was follow 1 person and 1 method. I give them all the support they needed because this is something that I never had.

I even give you my phone access because I understand that this is something new to you and whenever you start doing anything new in life or business, you're going to run into some roadblocks or just have some questions.

And I want to be there for you and answer the questions for you so that you can achieve your goals with the least amount of time, and most importantly, with the least amount of confusion.

Anyway, so let me tell you how I was suckered into spending years and wasting my hard-earned money on building someone else's business and there's a very good chance you're in a similar situation and you don't even know it.

First I want you to understand that there are only two parts to any successful online:

Traffic + Offers = Money in the bank. Traffic + Offers, T + O = Money in the bank.

Take any successful guy, for example, Russell Brunson, Anthony Robbins, my own business, Frank Kern, Timothy Ferriss, Gary Vaynerchuk, anyone who's successful has traffic and they have an offer.

Most people who fail, have this equation in reverse and that is a huge problem. They have the offers, but they don't have traffic. And you could have the most beautiful store in the world but if nobody comes into the store, you don't make any sales.

On the other hand, if you have traffic or people looking at your offers, you can still make decent money selling products from an average-looking shop, simply because you need people to make money.

A business needs people spending money with them.

So that's the #1 truth in business: If you have traffic, you control the money. Anybody who is big – controls the traffic, maybe they have an email list or a blog, or they're an Instagram influencer.

All they have, with all these – Email list, Blog or, Instagram – the ability to generate or drive traffic to any offer that they want. An email list or, Instagram shoutouts or blogs, they're nothing but traffic generation engines.

I have an email list of 98,276 subscribers in one of my Aweber accounts and these are not just random leads. I clean my lists and remove the unsubscribers, remove the people that are not responding so these are the only people who open my emails regularly.

I added 718 leads today and 928 yesterday so it's still growing really fast. And here's my average income per subscriber that I get, it's $16.45.

And this software that you see is called HYROS. This is the best tracking software there is today. And at this point in, it cost me $6,500 for four months of tracking data with this.

It's 100% super accurate. I wouldn't be stupid to spend this kind of money otherwise.

So you do the math on how profitable building an email list is if each lead is worth $16.45 to you. See, the fact is things change when you have the ability to generate traffic and get conversions on demand. T + O = Money in the bank.

And I want you to remember this equation, get this wrong, and you'll struggle for years without even knowing why things didn't work out for you.

Now, this brings me to the controversial statement, that got me a legal notice and a few hate mails from 2 gurus who are using affiliates to promote their businesses.

They said I was illegally using their names and products to show people how affiliates are getting tricked. Now here's the legal notice on the screen.

I obviously blurred out the names to settle the dispute I had with them and I removed the names from the training as well, because frankly, I never meant them any harm in the first place. Almost all the gurus do this to get affiliates for their products.

The following part is what the fuss was all about and I'm trying not to step on toes here again, but nobody can prove me wrong anyway since this is how things are online today and have been since the beginning of affiliate marketing.

There is an online marketing pyramid that nobody really talks about and here's how it looks.

There are three parties:

The Traffic Source that gets paid, regardless of whether the affiliates get sales or not. It also gets paid before anybody else. So it's at the top.

The product creator whose product affiliates promote, they are in the middle.

And then there are the affiliates who are at the bottom of the pyramid.

Affiliates take all the risks, spend their money on buying traffic from the traffic sources to promote the PRODUCT CREATORS links, and they help the product creator build an email list, get sales and IF, and only IF affiliates make a sale, they get a small little share for making the sale.

Essentially, if you're the affiliate, you're the bottom feeder, whether you like it or not.

We can agree to disagree. It's a free world, and I do know some people who are killing it with affiliate marketing, but in 100% of the cases, they have access to traffic. Whether it's through email lists or social media, or they're incredibly great at ads.

But the sad reality is if you're trying to make this work as an affiliate in today's marketing world, things are hard and it's going to get even harder as competition rises and the cost per click on traffic platforms increases.

The Good News is though, by doing what I explain to you today, you'll get to the top of the pyramid and become the traffic source which means:

  1. You get paid whether you make sales or not.
  2. You always get paid before anybody else.
  3. You build your own business that is long-term and cash flow rich.
  4. You get to sell something that is the easiest thing to sell online mainly because people buying traffic already have offers that they want to promote, and they are ready and willing to buy traffic.
  5. You don't have to convince them that they need traffic. They already know it.
  6. You build an email list without really paying anything, sometimes for completely free.
  7. And this is the best part – you master the only thing that matters online – TRAFFIC AND CONVERSIONS.

And you can do this even if you don't have any traffic skills or email skills right now.

Why do I say traffic is everything when offers make a part of the money-making equation? See, there are so many offers that exist in the market today.

Just scrolling through one of the most well-known networks, and you'll see there're tens of thousands of offers that are available for you to promote.

So if being an affiliate is so bad, why is it so popular?

Simply because if a guru teaches you how to be an affiliate and make money promoting products, you're more likely to promote their products. So in a way, they are building an army of affiliates or middlemen who promote their products for them and they only need to be paid when the gurus make money first.

And even though that sucks, most people stay stuck in this trap.

How do you get out of it? How do you make sure you get paid regardless?

How do you make sure you get pay-per-click?

Answer: You set up a GIFunnel and become a traffic agency. You get to the top of the online income pyramid and don't worry if you don't have an email list right now, or prior knowledge. As long as you're willing to implement a method that works, you're good.

How can I be so confident?

Well, I'm confident because this works. You have already seen some of the success stories above that we have produced and here're are some more success stories:

Steven was a guy that found us through one of his friends who recommended us to him and he ended up making $8,459.30 in the first 22 days.

Let's talk about Kennedy. He just made his first sale, and it's $260, and he mentions that this is the first sale that made real for him. He's been in the market since 2016. It took him almost 5 years to get his first actual sale.

Now $260 may not seem much, but it's just the beginning for him, and the first-year changes everything.

Then there's Robin from Alberta, Canada who made two sales and a total of $3,000.

Matt Harris from Pennsylvania got 2 sales within the first three days and a total of 15 sales within the first week.

Or we could talk about Jack, who made 3 sales and got the first-class email leads for his email list as well.

Fact is, I could go on, and we were able to get the results. We also have some amazing web properties that help our clients win.

Our Facebook group has almost 41,200 members. Google anything about solo ads or email ads, and you'll find us on page 1.

Our video content has been viewed more than 2.1 million times. It's a lot higher now, but 2.1 million is still a substantial number.

Even my personal Facebook page has over 153,000 people following my advice.

See, honest to God, the only reason why you put in so much effort is that I want anyone that reads this to succeed in the easiest way possible.

That's been my whole business model since I started and owing to that, we were also featured on the Huffington Post.

In my honest opinion, setting up a traffic agency is one of the best business models online because you risk little to nothing, and you also build your business instead of funding some other gurus next supercar.

Also, an additional benefit is you build an email list, and you understand traffic and conversions.

But how do you do it?

You use the funnel that I call, the GIFunnel and this is how it looks:

We have multiple pages and multiple offers, and every click generated on these pages makes us some money. We also use a click multiplication script on this funnel, on the Button Page, and the Offer Wall Page. So, even though you pay for 1 click, you get 3-4 clicks out because of the click multiplication script.

Also, you get leads on your email lists that you can use to promote more products too. Let's first compare the funnel we have to the traditional funnel and see why GI Funnel is the only logical choice.

This is how a traditional funnel looks, and this is what most people use:

You send traffic to an offer, and if you get a sale, you make money.

If you don't get a sale, you don't make a dime. If you're spending money on getting traffic, you're using paid ads, and you still don't get sales, you're going to end up losing money.

The worst part about this funnel is if you're using it for affiliate marketing, you're not even building an email list and that is a super valuable asset. So, essentially you're going against yourself and your goals if you do this.

I'm sure you don't want to go in the opposite direction of your goals, because once you understand list building, and once you have an email list, you can promote anything that you want at any point in time.

It's like an ATM in your living room. If you want a quick influx of cash for your kid's birthday, you send out an email and you make the commissions that you can spend on your kid's birthday. If you're going to be spending time on building something, you should do it the right way. With this traditional funnel, you're only building some gurus customer base and you're left with nothing.

With the traditional old-school funnel that you see above, you only get one chance to sell one thing to the buyer or the visitor. If they're not interested, you'll end up losing money and this type of funnel worked really well in 2015 but it doesn't work anymore.

So if you're using something like this, stop wasting your money because there is a better way, a more up-to-date way.

With the GI Funnel, we multiply traffic on the fly and give visitors two or three links or offers to maximize the money that you make.

We present multiple offers to people and maximize your chances of getting a sale. Let's say you're in the weight loss niche, and you use a traditional funnel to sell fat burner pills.

If your visitor is not someone who's comfortable putting chemicals or pills in their body to lose weight, you make no sales. But with the GI Funnel, you can offer the same visitor 3 different things at the same time:

  1. A free 7-day gym trial.
  2. A diet pill that helps them shed weight.
  3. The main product that you wanted to promote: Fat-burning pills.

Do you think you have a higher chance of making a sale? It's like, if you don't like pills, take this free gym membership. If you don't want that, how about a diet plan that helps you lose weight?

You hit them with multiple angles because, at the end of the day, the goal of you being here and promoting anything online is to make money.

The more offers you make, the more money you make, the GIFunnel just puts everything on rocket fuel.

The best part is: You can use the exact same funnel to become a traffic source and never even worry about making sales or promoting affiliate products. You just get paid for clicks.

Now let's take a look at the homepage and the click multiplication script in action. And of course, I'm hiding the texts because of the buttons and the headlines that I use. It took me hundreds of hours of testing to get to this point and tens of thousands of clicks so obviously I don't want to give that away.

But here's how it looks. This is how the GIFunnel works:

So we have a click multiplication script installed on the “GET ACCESS NOW!” button. So when I click on the button, the front page takes me to an opt-in page, and the back page redirects to an affiliate offer. This just gives me the ability to make money with this link, even without doing anything, they haven't even opted in yet.


And then when they opt-in on the Optin Page and click on “Get Instant Access Now”, they're taken to a page that gives them two buttons, and that's completely customizable.

But every one of these buttons has the click multiplication technology in place. So whenever someone clicks this button, the back page redirects to another affiliate offer, and the front page leads to another offer.

So essentially, what you're doing is you put in 1 click from one end and you get 2-4 clicks out, and that increases the conversions that you get, the sales that you make, and also every single lead goes on your autoresponder.

If you use an email follow-up series, every single one of the subscribers is also going to get emails from you with your affiliate links in it which is bonus money for you.

Super plain and simple, right? But it works, and it works well.

I have included a screenshot below showing you how much I've spent on Facebook ads, driving traffic to these funnels, and the best part is I didn't even pay for it. It came out of my profits.

That's almost $100,00 which is part of my profits spent on traffic, and nobody in their right mind would spend this kind of money if it wasn't profitable.

The fact is the GIFunnel has been a life-changing thing for me and my clients. Also, you can see the credit card that I use to make these payments so, you know without a shadow of a doubt that this is my card and my account.

The card has my name, and you can match the last four digits of the card to the Facebook account details, and there's an arrow pointing towards it.

I know traffic is the real game, and I've been working on it since the day I got out of bed from the stupid live infection, which now I think has been a blessing in disguise.

Even though I've shown you the exact funnel that produces success for me and my clients, there's a good chance you will struggle a little bit if you try to do it yourself.

You can still download the funnel blueprint + the click multiplication script. But I understand that because you've never done this before when you start implementing it, you're going to run into some roadblocks, or you might have some questions because this is real life and real business and not a fancy Hollywood movie.

The fact is nobody in the world can distill 10 years' worth of experience in a blog post. Well, even if we had 10 hours together, I couldn't possibly tell you everything that I know about traffic and conversions. I want to be there for you and help you out.

I worked with tens of thousands of businesses through my websites and I know that even though I give the funnel blueprints and scripts and instructions on how to use it, the fact remains that only 20 to 30% of people who downloaded will use it. 70% won't do a thing and less than 1% will be able to get it right without support.

So the main question is: Do you want to become successful or you're just here today to gather some more information only to never use it again?

There is so much information out there today that it's not the lack of information that's the problem, it's who to listen to that matters.

What you do with your time and money is 100% your business but you have to agree to the fact that from the outside it looks really easy.

It's a simple page that I showed you, but in reality, business and life do not work like this. You can see the pages that we've created, but you cannot get the inner workings of this business.

Let me tell you how a smart a*s thought that he could reverse engineer a million dollar funnel and easily make a million bucks. The smart a*s that I'm talking about is me.

I remember back in early 2012 or 2013 when I saw the sales presentation by Russell Brunson, what I did was I copied his entire funnel structure and I changed the wordings on it a little bit. I copied the structure, the sales letter structure, and everything.

I even used some spy tools to clone his ads. It took me two months to get everything up and running and it was hard work. But I remember thinking to myself that I'm going to make it this time because I thought I had modeled a million-dollar business completely.

I activated the ads and kept checking my computer, like a madman for the sales to come in.

One day,
Two days,
a week,
10 days and nothing.

I was spending money on ads and no sales. I lost a bunch of money there, and only after losing a few thousand dollars, I realized what a stupid moron I was being. I was so blinded by my idea of cloning a successful funnel that I started acting stupid.

The fact is I didn't know anything.

I just knew how his pages looked and I thought I could reverse engineer his entire money-making empire. What a dumb move, right?

I didn't know his conversion rates. I didn't understand his ad spends or how much money he was making or spending per day. I was completely off. It's like every burger chain cannot be McDonald's. People have tried to copy these brands and failed.

The same thing happened to me. There was so much I didn't know. The fact is even if I give you all the pieces of the puzzle unless you know what the plan is, you're not going to be able to make it.

You can't possibly know the inner workings of any business unless you work with them directly. One-on-one, that's how it is and it's never easy going at it alone because that's what stupid people do. They think they can do it all themselves. I've been there. I've been the stupid guy who did stupid things and expected amazing results.

Olympic champions, the biggest businessmen, NBA champions – they all have mentors for a reason.

Take a clue.

You don't have to understand physics and electricity to turn on a bulb. In the same way, you don't have to repeat the mistakes of other people that they've already made and waste your time.

It is ineffective, and why would you do it when there is an easier way for you to succeed with this.

But so far, we've covered how the GI Funnel looks.

  1. Now, this is the same funnel that's produced $887,000 for us.
  2. I've explained why it's plain stupid to build someone else's business as an affiliate.
  3. How to get paid before anybody else?
  4. How to get paid for every single click with or without sales?

So if you want to do it alone, be my guest.

But the #1 reason why most people fail to make any progress online is they watch one YouTube video after another, one webinar after another, they get sucked into all sorts of different directions, and we've discussed this at length.

Some people even spend money on $17 or $97 or $497 courses only to waste months of their time, and when they run into problems or have questions or want to understand things a little better, they have nobody. You're going to have some questions or problems whenever you do something new in life or business.

When that happens, you only have 2 ways to go about it:

#1 is called Experimentation where you try a bunch of things, throw things against the wall and see what sticks.

The problem with this approach is it may work or it may not work, but in 100% of the cases, it takes a lot of time, effort, money, and consistency. It's like when the answer is out there, why waste time. Experimentation, in the long run, is the most ineffective and the most expensive thing that you can do.

The second approach is what I call the ultimate shortcut to online success.

It's having an over the shoulder access to someone who's already done what you want to do and whenever you run into an issue, just get in touch and get the answers so that you can make progress without any confusion.

It's just easier that way and if you don't take control, life gets in the way. That's the main reason why people fail.

It's always the next Monday or the first of every month. People keep delaying, and they don't realize that they're wasting the only resource that can never be restored – TIME.

People act like they have unlimited time and keep delaying taking actions for the goals they set, and that's the exact story of this guy – Bennedite.

He applied to work with us, and then he got cold feet which I understand, but he decided not to join us, and it's cool. It's not for everybody. It's not a one size fits all kind of solution. We're not selling duct tape.

So anyway, because he couldn't work with us, he started doing what he was doing for years, the same old patterns – buying shiny objects, getting fascinated with BS stories from gurus. He ended up wasting another year by doing nothing, making no progress.

You can't expect different results doing the same thing over and over again. If you see the first red box on the image above, he clearly stated that he wasted one more year buying small little courses from nobody's.

The thing about money is, it's like sand, the tighter you try to hold onto it, the faster it goes out.

Nobody ever got rich by trying to save money. 99% or even more got rich by investing their money when the time is right. Here he is after one year of struggle, and this time I just told him straight up: Either you're in or out.

He was smart enough to realize that he needed a mentor, so I gave him the link to join us. He ended up working with us, and fast forward to October, within a few months of working with us, he's averaging anywhere from $220-230 just by selling traffic and mastering conversions.

See, there are some facts that we've established:

#1: Getting paid before anybody else and getting paid per click is the true position of power.

#2: If you have a funnel with multiple links, the chances of you making money go up exponentially, especially when you're getting paid per click and not sales.

#3: Traditional funnels aim at making the gurus richer. You don't build an email list and, even if you do, the gurus have a copy of the email list. So you spend time and money and effort to grow their business as well.

#4: Most importantly, the ability to drive traffic to any offer that you want is the ultimate online skill. Always remember T + O, Traffic + Offers = Money in the bank.

People who make money have this equation in the correct order. People who struggle have it in reverse, they have offers, but they don't have traffic.

You can continue struggling with traffic and conversions and follow trendy business models, or you can choose to work directly with us.

The information that I've given you is valuable, but just like any other thing in life, if you've never done it before, you're going to run into some roadblocks, after all, you got to learn how to walk first before you can start running.

Because we've done it for a lot of people in the past and help them become super successful to the point that over 2 million people have seen our videos online – I have a much more in-depth training that shows you everything, sets you up with everything you need from a tech and training standpoint and then, we support you through the entire process.

There are only two ways you can go about this:

#1: Doing it alone, which we've already understood is a little hard.

#2: Working directly with me.

Let me expand on what you get when you choose to work with me personally.

1. The G.I Funnel: You get the GI Funnel, which is something that we set up for you. It's a done-for-you website that allows you to drive free or super cheap traffic to any offer that you want.

2. Email List: Because you're getting traffic, we use the GI Funnel to also add subscribers to your email list so that you have an asset that you can rely on.

An email list is a difference between people who make good money, and people who make no money and it's essentially a source of traffic that you own.

3. 60 Days Email Follow-up Sequence For Bonus Money: We also give you a 60-day email sequence that you can copy-paste into your autoresponders with your affiliate links. Any money that comes from these is just bonus money for you since we're getting paid per click anyway.

4. All Done-For-You By Experts in My Team: The entire setup is done by my team so you don't have to worry about the tech part. We've spent tens of thousands of dollars testing our websites, and the one that you're going to get works well.

It was just updated a couple of days ago so, it's the latest version, and we're going to clone it into your business.

5: Getting Clients That WANT TO PAY: Once the entire thing is done, we show you exactly where to find people who are already spending money. We show you how to find people who are already spending money, how to attract them to you and how to close sales with them without even picking up the phone or anything.

These are the clients that want to work with you again and again. This kind of recurring business not only ensures consistent growth but also increases the customer lifetime value that you get, which is cool because you get more money out of the same client.

6: Facebook Hacks For Free Traffic: We'll show you how to post free ads in Facebook groups so you get free traffic from there as well.

7: Guaranteed Sales For You: Once you start working with us, we guarantee that you're going to make sales because not only do we have a good training module, but we also own 2 of the biggest email web properties in the world, and we will give you insider access to these properties.

Now, nobody else in the world can give you this, because frankly, nobody else in the world has spent the last 8-9 years updating their websites every single Monday. That takes a lot of consistency, and that's how we have built the best industry infrastructure to support you in getting sales.

Most business models don't last this long online. See, what happened to people who were buying cheap products from China and drop shipping them in the international markets, as soon as COVID hit – a lot of businesses went under.

On the other hand, traffic is something that people will need as long as there are websites online.

Anybody trying to promote anything online needs traffic, so it's a super long-term business. Even Facebook and Google are in the traffic space, and because of the COVID situation where people were at home, they had the time to look at passive income opportunities.

A lot of websites have come up, and what do you think they all need?  They need traffic.

So this is super long-term and something that you can control.

8: All The Support You'd Possibly Need: I'll also give you all the one-on-one support in the world that you need to go from where you are to whatever your goal is.

9: My Personal Phone Line For Text or Voice: I even throw in my personal phone for support, because back when I started, I would've given up anything for this kind of support.

After working with thousands of people personally, hundreds of thousands through my websites, what I've realized is most people fail because when they run into problems. They don't have anybody to answer their questions, and that's going to happen because this is real life.

What happens is when they reached the stage, a lot of them just quit and jump on to another program.

It's just an endless cycle of failure. The way I differ is I give you access to my support team, my tech team and I also give you direct access to me.

So whenever you need help, we sort out your issues for you, and you can continue making your progress instead of starting from scratch with another method altogether.

10: Now, there is a problem though. This system that I have is not perfect. The level of support we offer is only possible because I do not oversell this. I don't need to. I do not let a lot of people in on these secrets.

We only have like 15 spots open a month, and I stick to my guns when it comes to this. Because after all, that's been the secret of me making millions online – helping people succeed in letting the success stories and word of mouth get me new clients. So I do have a selfish goal in seeing you succeed. If you win, I also win.

So, let's quickly recap the entire thing – here's what you get when you get accepted to work with me instead of going at it alone….because frankly doing it alone is like shooting in the dark.

This is what you get:

  1. The GIFunnel System, which is set up by my team.
  2. All the training in the world that you need to get consistent sales, but it's not going to take months to consume the content. I specialize in breaking things down into simple, digestible, and implementable chunks. The entire information can be consumed over a weekend and enable you to get sales as soon as the GIFunnel is up.
  3. We'll give you the easiest way to build an email list for super cheap and, in most cases, for free.
  4. We give you a 60-day email follow-up sequence that sucks affiliate commissions that are essentially bonus money for you since you get paid per click – with or without sales.
  5. All the tech stuff is taken care of by my team.
  6. We also give you training on how to get cash-in-hand clients that are already spending money.
  7. How to post free ads in Facebook groups so you get more clients.
  8. We also give you insider access to the biggest email web properties online today to get more sales.
  9. We give you all the support in the world that you need to achieve your goals, and you even get my phone support.

But what I also want you to understand is how all this translates to success for you. After all, isn't every other course doing this….And although it is a valid concern, the answer that I have to that is a strong NO.

Not every course is doing this. There is a handful, of course, but not everybody invests this kind of money and time to ensure client success.

See, there's a method to the success stories that I've produced, and I want to share this with you. The secrets to my client success stories is a 4 part system:

1. Support: I'm super committed to this, and I give you all the support you need because after working with a lot of people, I've realized the #1 reason people fail is that they don't get the support.

So, not only do we give you the best training in the platform, but we also resolve all the problems that you have so that you can keep moving forward instead of jumping from one product to the other.

2. Training: We have the best training in the world when it comes to setting up a traffic agency. Now, nobody even talks about this because not a lot of people know about this, but since I've been doing it for 10 years, I know almost all the ins and outs of this, and I share with you without holding back because I also have a selfish goal in making you successful as I mentioned earlier.

Even though you get the success and the money in the bank, I get success stories from you, and that's how I've grown my online brand – by genuinely helping people out and then letting the success stories attract more people to me. It's just easier that way because everybody wins.

3. Done-For-You: The goal of the GIFunnel is to get you to your goals in the shortest time possible and with the least amount of guesswork.

So what I've done is, set up the entire funnel for you. We buy the domains, we buy the themes, we buy the plugins, we get the scripts, we install them, and once everything is ready, we transfer everything to you.

So not only do you have complete control over everything that goes on in your business, but also you get a ready, done-for-you website or set up that you can use to generate clicks and conversions. But we just don't give you the funnels, we also show you how to do it yourself should you want to change something in your funnel.

Essentially, if I had to give you an example, think of it this way – we give you a fish so that you can learn with a full stomach, but we also show you how to fish so, you're well-fed for the rest of your online career.

The only purpose of letting my team build out the funnels for you is to speed up the entire process. You join us for results and not to get entangled in tech – and I understand that very well because I was there too. So we take care of it.

The final part of this secret success story system that we have is:

4. Infrastructure: We own 2 of the biggest email web properties in the world. So when you start working with us, you're guaranteed results because tens of thousands of dollars change hands on our groups and websites that we own and when you join us we give you an almost unfair advantage over the others who use our platforms, of course, because you're a client.

Owing to the platforms and our expertise in traffic, we get at least 400 applications every month from people who want to work with us, which is good for us because we can pick and choose who we want to work with but unfortunate for those who apply since I do it personally and I give you all the attention that you need so I can only allow about 15 people in per month.

I have pages upon pages of people who have applied to work with me as you can see above. But, since it's so many, it's a little overwhelming, and it's honestly a little more than I can handle. This is a fairly unique model that produces results, but not a lot of people know about it.

It's not mainstream, and it's easy to sell traffic than anything online because you don't have to convince people that they need traffic. They already know it, and it's at least 1000 times less competitive than affiliate marketing.

Now the only big problem is out of the hundreds of applications that we get as I mentioned, we only pick and choose a handful of people.

So how do you become a part of it? Before I get to that part and show you how to become a part of it, I want to ask you a couple of questions.

You just have to say a YES or NO so let's start:

Do you want to get paid per click without worrying about sales? Yes Or No?

Do you want to master traffic and conversions? Yes or No?

Do you realize that being at the top of the pyramid is the best position because nobody else gets paid if you don't? Yes or No?

Would you like me to show you how to do it, even if you've never made a dime online? Yes Or No?

Well, if you answered, YES, I'm going to hand you the ultimate shortcut in a few seconds. In the right hands, this information is easily worth tens of thousands of dollars.

See, if we were sitting at a table and all you had to do was give me $50,000 in exchange for a $100K that I hand you, and you had this $50,000 available.

Would you do it? Of course, you would. You'd even borrow the money to make that deal.

I like to stack the odds in favor of my clients because as I said when you win, I win. So I'm not going to ask you for $10,000, not even $7,000, not even $4,000, which I thought was a reasonable price for the information, given the success rates that we have.

Not even $3,500.

I'm going to offer you something that's a complete no-brainer for anyone who's serious and realizes that $17 to $97 products can only get you so far.

The usual investment for this is $2,997, but I've decided to incentivize the select few who are serious about getting consistent sales. So I'm going to knock off another $500 because I like rewarding people who make great decisions for their businesses.

So you get the entire GIFunnel program for $2,497, and that too if the spots are available.

I know it's one of the more expensive offers in the market, but why do you think people flock to us every single day, even though they know they'll have to invest $2,497?

Why do you think we have a better success story rate than smaller, cheaper courses?

See, I don't talk bad about other programs, and you're free to try them if they fit your needs better, but you will never be able to compare the services we offer with a cheaper product, simply because they will lose interest or not give you enough support or cut corners in some or the other way.

At $2,497, we have enough incentive with everything that you need and more. So if you're looking for mediocre results, there are other people in the market that you can buy from, and we can still be friends.

But if you want to work with someone who only wins when you win, click the button below the video, and let's get started. We have the craziest success rates and the best in the industry rates for a reason.

Let's quickly recap all that you get for $2,497:

  1. You get the GIFunnel + Training.
  2. You get the easiest way to build an email list for super cheap and, in most cases, for free.
  3. You get a 60-day email follow-up sequence that sucks in commissions that are essentially bonus money for you since you get paid per click or in with or without sales.
  4. All the tech is taken care of by my team.
  5. We give you training on how to get cash-in-hand clients that are already spending money.
  6. We give you all the training that you need to post free ads in Facebook groups so you get free clients from there as well.
  7. We give you insider access to two of the biggest email web properties online today to get more sales.
  8. You get all the support, and you even get my phone access.

Now, I'm going to spend the next few minutes dealing with some frequently asked questions. If you have any other questions before joining us, just schedule a call with me, and I'd be more than happy to answer them for you.

I'm going to answer the following questions.

  1. Is there a payment plan?
  2. How do I get in touch with the support?
  3. Are there any other costs involved? Any monthly recurring payments?
  4. How long does the setup take?
  5. How do I get paid per click with my GIFunnel?
  6. Is there a guarantee?
  7. How long does it take to get a positive return on my investment?
  8. Can I promote my existing offers using GIFunnel?
  9. What if this is just another guru-type offer?
  10. Can I start even if I have no experience or an email list?

At whatever point you're ready to go, click the button below the video and sign up.

If you want to stick around for the frequently asked questions, be my guests.

#1: Is there a payment plan?

Answer: Nope, we don't have a payment plan.

We get clients that are in a fortunate position to get money upfront so we don't do payment plans, but there is something that you can do about it that may serve you a little better.

If you're going to make this investment using a credit card, you can put the entire sum on the card and make installment payments or part payments to the credit card company.

Essentially meaning you do get a payment plan, just not from me, but from the credit card company and you'll be able to get a much lower monthly installment when you do that.

You'll probably just end up paying like 200-300 bucks per month which are way better than any plan that I can offer you on the $2,497 purchase of the GIFunnel.

#2: How do I get in touch with the support?

Answer: You can go to

You can email me at

You can text me at +1 209 8134006 or +1 206 973 7559.

You can also schedule a quick call with me if you're ready to join but have a few last-minute questions, I'm open, and I'm always reachable.

#3: Are there any other costs involved? Any monthly recurring payments?

Answer: No. There are no monthly recurring fees with us. I don't sell anything else, no upsells, no other products, no shenanigans, no more money out of your pocket to me.

The only recurring payments that you have are the same as you would need for any other online business i.e:

  1. An Autoresponder to store your email leads and make automated commissions.
  2. A Click tracking tool, because you're going to be dealing with traffic and getting conversions so, you need a click tracking tool
  3. A $3 WordPress hosting. In fact, it's $2.50.

These are the three things that you would need. All the other costs are absorbed by us. We buy your domain name, we set up everything. We buy the licenses to scripts. Once the setup is done, we transfer everything onto your accounts.

You'll always have 100% complete control over your business when you start working with us.

#4: How long does the setup take?

Answer: The GIFunnel setup takes about 4-5 business days from the moment you start with us. As soon as you get into the program, you'll be given the login details, that part is instant.

After that, it takes 4-5 business days for everything to be set up and ready to make you sales, which is the time that you can spend consuming the information and getting everything in order.

#5: How do I get paid per click on my GIFunnel?

Answer: The way it works with the GIFunnel is we use this funnel to set up a traffic agency. 

Let's say we set up a traffic agency called

A person who wants to buy traffic from you approaches you, and you use the training to get this client. And he/she wants 1000 clicks. You charge 70 cents per click so, $700 is what he sends you for delivering traffic.

Then you use part of the money to fulfill the order by buying traffic from one of the trusted sources that we give you inside the course, and you get multiple options to choose from so, you'll always have more than enough.

You spend about a part of the money, about $300-400 to fulfill the order, and you pocket the balance, which is $300-400. That's pure profit for you. Now, at this point, you haven't spent a dime from your pocket to get this $1,000 click order, and you're still cash positive.

Now, this would be plain reselling – buying low, selling high, which in itself is a profitable way to do things but when we're setting up things for bigger success and more consistent sales, we want to do things a little differently and maximize the money that we can make.

So instead of reselling, what you do is you use the GIFunnel that we build for you as a bridge between Mr. A's link (the person who bought traffic from you) and the traffic so, all the leads go through the GIFunnel to Mr. A's link and since we use click multiplication script, you can also serve as 2-4 clients at the same time.

All the leads are also added to your autoresponders. The average conversion rate that we have on our pages is around 50%.

Out of the 1000 clicks, you also end up getting 500 new subscribers and all these 500 subscribers get 60 days of email sequence with your affiliate links and any sales that you make from this email follow up sequence is just bonus money for you since you already made money on a per-click basis.

So the benefit of using the GIFunnel is fivefold:

– You get paid upfront. In this case, you got 700 bucks.
– You pocket the difference, which is pure profit. In this case, it is $300-400.
– You end up getting 500-600 new email subscribers without spending any money from your own pockets or free list building.
– These 500-600 people also get an email follow-up sequence from you for the next 60 days with your affiliate links for a more predictable income for you, and any money that comes in is bonus money for you.
– You get Mr. A as a client who is going to keep buying from you.

#6: Is there a guarantee?

Answer: Yes and NO! I realize that you're joining us to get results, and I know how to get them for you otherwise, no one can have the kind of success and the testimonials that we have, in the volume that we have.

We guarantee that you will get results with us because that is what you joined us for. So here's my results guarantee:

If within the first 6 weeks, you don't see any sales even after implementing the program which is highly unlikely, I will personally work with you in figuring out what went wrong and why you didn't get the results or the sales and ensure that you get the results so you don't have to jump from this product to the other.

This serves a two-fold purpose. Not only do you identify the problem that was holding you back, but you also keep moving in the direction of profits, because otherwise, the alternative would just be getting into another program.

So, if after 6 weeks of working with me you still don't profit, I would be more than delighted to offer you 100% money back.

You're joining us for results, and that's what we tackle.

#7: How long does it take to get a positive return on my investment?

Answer: I can not give you an exact number, because (1) it's not possible, (2) I cannot do that legally.

But I can tell you from the results of my past clients, it takes anywhere from 40-45 days for people that work with us to see substantial returns. I'm not talking about $10-20 measly sales either.

I mean genuine sales, worth hundreds and even thousands that prove that not only this system works, but also it gets you consistent sales. It could be a lot faster for you. It could be a lot slower, depending on your level of experience. It's simple, you got to learn how to walk first before you can start running.

If you've never made more than a few thousand dollars online – to hit the first $10,000 per month is going to take some time. It's not going to be overnight. This is not a get-rich-quick scheme. Overnight success doesn't happen, and you probably understand that too.

#8: Can I promote existing offers using the GIFunnel program?

Answer: Yes, you can copy-paste your affiliate links inside the GIFunnel backend to automatically promote them if that's what you choose to do.

But, selling traffic is real power because you're going to get affiliate sales as bonus money with the email follow-up sequence, and with the way we have things structured.

#9: What if this is another Guru-type offer? 

Answer: I understand your skepticism, and unfortunately, this is how things are. I would have the same question.

The real question is, is this time going to be any different?

I have helped a lot of people who are tired of spending money on courses, training, and anytime they needed help, they had to upgrade to the next level or send money to the gurus. The real answer to this question is if nothing changes, nothing changes.

You're never going to make progress sitting on the sidelines. Like Bennedite, who came to us one year after our first contact, and right now, he's doing pretty well.

I've shown you enough success stories, told you enough about my program, and given you all that I could. But if you're still skeptical, I completely understand.

But do realize that this is you letting your fear dictate your actions. It's not like you're going to get killed because of this course. It's the brain that's trying to prevent you from a scary situation, and that's how the human brain works.

#10: Can I start even if I have no experience or an email list?

Answer: Yes, we show you how to get started selling traffic even if you have no traffic experience, made no sales online, have no email list or any tech skills or any conversion skills.

That's what I specialize in, and you get inside access to me, my team, and world-class websites and training.

But do remember if, by the time we do the phone call all the 15 spots are taken, I won't be able to help you.

I know you're ready for a change otherwise, you wouldn't have made it this far into this post if you weren't ready. So click the button below this post and let's get started.

If you decided not to join, and the program is not for you, you don't like me or the investment is too big, I completely understand your situation.

I wish you the best of luck regardless. May this year be the best year of your life. We're still friends, a few thousand dollars does not make too much of a difference to me right now – and I'm just thankful.

Congratulations to those who joined. Best of luck to those who didn't.

This is Prashant Sharma, and I'll talk to you soon. Buh-Bye!