95% of the people are making these mistakes and getting their autoresponders shut down! Watch the video to know how you can avoid these 4 mistakes:

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Hey, this is Prashant back with another video, and today I'm gonna talk about the 4 simple mistakes that you can avoid to avoid getting your autoresponder accounts banned, be it Aweber/GetResponse or whatever autoresponder service that you use.

Now before we get to this, you've to understand that it's all about the IP Reputation and the deliverability for these companies.

Now if you're gonna play in their field you better play by their rules or you're gonna be kicked out, right.

So when it comes to email deliverability these companies take it seriously because it's their main business.

And what affects the email deliverability and their IP Reputation, if you're the person who is affecting it, you are out.

That's the simple way they're gonna deal with it.

They don't wanna deal with your shit and that's how autoresponder companies and even merchant accounts have been. They don't want to risk their business for one individual seller or one individual user of their services.

So, Let's Talk About The 4 Mistakes Now:

1. Stop Buying Bogus Traffic And Leads.

Now I see this happen a lot, especially newbies.

What they do is they're gonna go to Fiverr.com or they're gonna go to you know, BlackHat Forums and find the cheapest source of the traffic to get the numbers in their autoresponder accounts looking pretty.

But tell me this, How does having 100,000 subscribers and not getting 1 sale help your business?

It doesn't.

So don't fall in love with the numbers in your autoresponders.

Just understand that business is all about profits and if you're not making profits the numbers in the autoresponder accounts are just costing you money.

Because you're still paying the autoresponder accounts a certain amount every single month.

So don't fall in love with the numbers or the size of your list, it doesn't matter, okay. What matters is responsiveness. If the numbers mattered, spammers would all be billionaires but that's not the case.

Some spammers who are advance may make a lot of money but there are not a lot of billionaires that are spammers.

So it's all about the responsiveness and stop falling for the numbers and that basically means not buying traffic from stupid sources.

Think about it, another good question you ask yourself is if their traffic converts it so well, Why would they sell 1,000 clicks for $5?

Doesn't make sense.

So ask smart questions whenever you're running a marketing campaign. That's #1 right, stop buying bogus leads.

2. Clean Your Un-Openers In 60 Days.

So what I mean by that is people who haven't opened your emails in the last 60 days, get rid of them.

They're not gonna buy, they're just bloating up your autoresponder accounts, you're still paying the autoresponder company fees every single month and it's not adding anything.

So again it boils down to the first point that I made, don't fall in love with the numbers, numbers don't matter. The only number that you should be concerned about is the ROI and if it's positive, it's really good, right.

So get rid of all the people who haven't opened your emails in the last 60 days because it's not gonna affect your CTR at all.

If you have a list of 10,000 people and only 100 people click, even if you get rid of the people who didn't open your emails in the last 60 days and it could be 9,000.

So you got rid of 9,000 people who haven't opened your emails in the last 60 days, you will still be able to produce the same 100 clicks from that list of 1,000 because the 9,000 other people that you deleted weren't opening your emails anyway.

And it's all about the responsiveness, the higher CTRs that you have the more responsive your subscribers are, your account is gonna be safer, okay.

So that's #2 Get rid of the un-openers in 60 days.

And the way you do it is, it's different for all autoresponder companies, so just ask the support how do you get rid of un-openers, you know who haven't opened your emails in the last 60 days and they're gonna give you instructions.

Most of these people have their support articles telling you how to do that exactly, right.

#3 and I see this happening all the time because you know I am the founder of SoloAdsX which is the #1 Email Ads or Solo Ads directory in the world and also I own the biggest group when it comes to Email Ads, right.

So I see these email mistakes happening all the time.

3. Stop Pushing Your Unsubscribe Links Down.

Stop by pushing the enter button a couple of times, stop pushing them down. Because on a manual review that just tells Aweber or GetResponse that you're trying to not get unsubscribed.

And you're literally damaging your account's reputation with these people and it's not gonna serve you anyway because if you really think about it, the people who are gonna unsubscribe from your email list that means they're not finding your content useful, they wouldn't gonna buy anyway.

So you might as well debloat your autoresponder accounts by letting them unsubscribe. What they're gonna do if they don't find the unsubscribe link, they're gonna click on report spam.

And that is gonna kill your autoresponder accounts almost instantly if you send out an email that gets a lot of spam complaints it's just gonna put a red flag on your account.

In most cases what these big companies will do is they will shut your account down and then give you a chance to explain your situation and if they find it reasonable they might reinstate your account.

But in most cases, they're gonna keep it that way because they're gonna take a look at the email that produced so many spams complaints.

They're gonna find that you pushed the unsubscribe link down, so people couldn't find the unsubscribe link. Then they're gonna check out the other emails and if they find it as a trend, they're gonna shut you down.

You're not worth the effort and the IP reputation to them if that makes sense, right.

So that's mistake #3 Stop pushing your unsubscribe links down.

4. Stop Writing Spammy Emails.

Now think about this, when you write spammy emails you might get a higher open rate but you also gonna raise the complaint level.

Emails like, “Your account has been deposited with $10,000.”

Everybody knows that you might get an open but the people who click on those links, do you really think.

First, there are not going to be a lot of clickers, right, because it looks spammy and people don't wanna get scammed.

But even if the people click on those links, do you really think they're gonna be the kind of buyers that would spend money and high ticket prices to get you sales or get you to affiliate commissions.

That's not how it works, you've to write great emails.

Like easily identifiable as spammy emails, they're gonna get your accounts killed because everybody knows unless you're a Nigerian Prince.

In that case, it might be true that you deposited $10,000 into my account but if it's you sending out an email saying something like, “Your credit card has been charged.”

And you know, you create a body copy to match the subject line and it leads them to make money online offer.

It's not gonna work and it's not what you wanna do if you wanna build a long-term sustainable and consistent business, which in my opinion is the best way to proceed.

Because if you're gonna be spending your time and money and effort doing something, why not build something that's long term and that's gonna last a long time and produce consistent income even if in the short run it takes a little longer for you to get started with.

So, those are the 4 mistakes to avoid and that's gonna keep your autoresponder account safe:

1. Stop buying crappy traffic and leads.
2. Stop pushing your unsubscribed links down.
3. Clean your autoresponder account of un-openers.
4. Stop writing spammy, shitty emails.

This is Prashant and let me know in the comment section below if there's another tip that you wanna share with the people who watched this video.

And regardless, just leave a comment and let me know what you think about this video.

I'll talk to you soon. B-Bye.