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Hey, this is Prashant back with another video and in this video, I'm gonna talk to you about troubleshooting your online business to figure out Why You're Not Getting Sales at all Or Conversions On Your Offers?

So there are only a few elements to a successful online business. They are:

  1. Your Offer
  2. Your Funnel
  3. Your Traffic

If you have a good offer and you have got a good funnel then you can drive traffic to grow. These are the only 3 elements that affect your online business success.

This is how a usual funnel looks like for most affiliate promotions or even for promoting your own products.

You send traffic to an opt-in page that goes on to a sales page.

Now troubleshooting the elements in your online business to get higher conversions, let's go alright.

Traffic Problem #1:

If you have traffic problems, A problem could be if the traffic is not good, it's not getting good opt-in rates, it's the ad to opt-in page mismatch which is the cause.

So if you're driving 1,000 visitors to a page and you're barely getting like 30-40 opt-ins that means that the ad is really good, it is generating clicks but on the opt-in page, there is a mismatch there.

For example, on the traffic source you have an ad that says, it could be e-mail, it could be Facebook, it could be anywhere, alright.

You're saying that ‘How to Lose 10 Pounds of Fat Within 7 Days using a Magical Diet'. And on the opt-in page, it's something about ‘How to Gain 5 kg'.

It's completely off, so it's completely incongruent and that's one reason why you know you're getting such a low opt-in rate.

So if you're getting clicks but no opt-ins that means the ad is working fine but there's an opt-in page to ad mismatch, right. There's a message mismatch.

Problem #2:

If the opt-in page is getting good conversions but the offer isn't converting it's one or two things, right.

Your sales page sucks or there are bots on your traffic source giving you misleading opt-in rate stats.

And I've made a couple of videos, one of the videos talks about how to protect yourself against spending money on bot traffic and take a look at that if that's something that you think is gonna benefit you.

But the opt-in page is getting good conversion rates that mean that the ad is converting well. It's getting you clicks then the opt-in page is congruent it has a message that matches the ad.

So you're getting a good opt-in rate. So if somebody comes in after clicking an ad that shows them how to lose 10 pounds. The opt-in page also says the same thing how to lose 10 pounds.

So the opt-in rate is gonna be much higher, in this case, but if they're going to the opt-in page, they're opt-in, they're checking out your VSL or a Video Sales Letter or your sales letter in text format but they're not buying.

It's either your text or the sales page sucks or the opt-in rates are misleading and that's why you don't get the sales because bots don't buy, right. Then offer not converting, right.

This is the 2nd problem.

So, problem #1 is if people are staying on the website and not buying, the problem is with the offer and not the marketing because the marketing is working because you are getting people onto your websites and your VSLs or whatever, right.

But if they're not buying that means either the VSL is really really bad, they don't trust you, they don't like the product, they don't need the product or there is a mismatch between the opt-in page and the sales page.

Otherwise, if that wasn't the case your ads would not even have generated clicks.

So the ads worked, the opt-in page worked but the sales page sucks and that's why your offer is not converting.

Problem #2 is if there's an unusually high checkout cart abandonment rate then you need to fix your checkout page.

A lot of people they get excited about this offer, they click on the submit page or the next page to checkout and they stop the checkout process for whatever reason.

Now if you're one of those people who are tracking these things and you see that there is a very high checkout cart abandonment rate.

Then you need to fix your checkout page.

A two-step checkout process is working well right now because of its ability to follow up with people who were interested but do not complete the checkout.

What a two-step checkout process is?

Basically, where it's instead of just having one page where you collect the name, email address and credit card information, you have a two-step checkout process where you collect the name and email address first.

So you know that these people are looking to checkout so you can follow up with them if they don't complete the purchase.

On the 2nd step, you collect the credit card information and that just gets you money in your bank, right.

So problem #1, problem #2 of offer not converting. Then there are fixes, right.

If your ads are not generating clicks you need to fix the ads.

Model the #1 guy in your market and that's the best way to get your ads fixed as soon as possible. See what he or she is doing and model what he or she is doing because he's #1 for a reason.

Don't waste your money, don't think that you've created or you're just some amazing copywriter. Trust me, you don't wanna waste money on ads if you can get a shortcut to succeed.

#2 If the ads are generating clicks that means your message is resonating with the audience that they're seeing the ads but the funnel isn't doing a good job of converting, right.

So if the ads are generating clicks but you're not getting sales, fix the funnel, the opt-in page, the sales page, the checkout process, the whole 9 yards, right.

And if there's a high checkout unsuccessful rate fix the checkout page. Model Russell Brunson's checkout page, he's is one of the best in our industry.

A two-step checkout process is working really well right now.

And If nothing is working, if you fix everything and nothing is working and you're not able to get your conversions, change the offer because you can be 95% sure that the offer sucks if nobody's buying, right.

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I'm Prashant Sharma and I'll speak to you later. B-Bye.