Optin Rates are vanity metrics, and they mean NOTHING! Business is about sales and in this video I'm gonna show you How & Why?

Transcript Of The Video:

Hey, this is Prashant, and in this video, I'm gonna talk to you about Why Opt-in Pages Really Shouldn't Matter.

They should not dictate your business decisions and why money is in the follow up this statement is bullshit.

It's not completely untrue but it has lost its effectiveness and I'm gonna show you How and Why?

So opt-in rates are vanity metrics, they Don't Matter.

Business is about sales, and I don't really care if you get a 100% opt-in rate. It shouldn't matter because you know there are vendors in the market that I know use scripts that can result in higher opt-in rates.

The last time that I checked, bots don't have credit cards, they don't buy anything from you.

So the opt-in rates are just a vanity metric and you shouldn't let that dictate your choice of Solo Ad vendors or your choice of traffic sources because at the end of the day sales are what drive your business, right.

So you could be getting a 7% opt-in rate and make $5,000 sales.

This is what I do all day, every day.

I get around 7-8% opt-in on one of my pages and the sales make me $5,000 each.

Now opt-in rates again can be faked but faking sales is not that easy.

So another thing that I see in the market and when I say I see, I mean that I have two of the biggest properties when it comes to Solo Ads and email ads in the online space right now.

One is SoloAdsX and the other one is Solo Ads Testimonials which has almost 39,000+ members.

You cannot turn a blind eye towards what obvious in the market and unfortunately, there are a lot of scammers who are using bots to bump up the opt-in rates.

If the actual opt-in rate is around 30%, they're gonna do some manual submission or they're gonna use some bots to bump it up to 65% or 70% and then they're gonna have you post in, you know, testimonials groups.

And you end up buying traffic from these people because it's really hard to figure out who is faking it and who is not.

Even though we try very very hard, it's almost impossible for anyone to know for sure if they're bumping up the opt-in rates.

But the point of this presentation is you should only focus on getting sales from your marketing.

The reason why I say it is because you cannot keep spending money on Solo Ads or traffic if you're not getting any positive returns or a positive ROI.

There's another video that I made on pricing and troubleshooting your online business. So if you don't know what's going wrong with your offers and you're not getting conversions take a look at that videos, right.

Now let's address the elephant in the room. “The money is in the follow-up.” – Bullshit!

Now it's not completely wrong but it has significantly lost its power to get you sales.

Now the open rates are declining and if you don't get sales within the first 30 days, you're losing money for sure.

Shorter sales cycles and I'm gonna talk to you about what sales cycles are and how they affect your business and the money that you can put in and grow your business.

Shorter sales cycles are equal to faster growth of your business and unless of course you've hundreds of thousands of dollars to spend and you can wait for 6-7 months just to get that money back that you'd invested in your business.

The shorter the sales cycle, the faster your money is gonna come back to you and the faster you can reinvest and grow your business.

So the sales cycle is basically when you make the first contact and then giving you the money so your prospect gives you the money.

This is How the Sample Sales Cycle Look:

It is definitely, a lot more complex than this but this is just the basic overview, right.

So the first contact and the sale, if you get sales within the first 15 days you can take that money – the green line, you can take that money, reinvest and get more leads into your business, more sales, and then you can keep doing it, right.

30 days is the absolute max that I recommend, if you're not getting sales within the first 30 days it essentially means if you put your traffic charges on your credit card you'll have to pay interest on that, right.

If you spend $1,000 and you got about $1,200 within 30 days, you can now put in $1,200 back and if you know your numbers, if you're 100% sure of your numbers you can just spend $2,000 and go to $2,400.

Now don't burn yourself by just, you know, if one of your email campaigns works and it gets you, you know, $1,200 on a $1,000 spent. Be 100% sure of your numbers before you spend a lot of money on driving traffic, right.

If you're putting it on your credit card and you're spending the money you can't really afford.

You need to be very very sure about the numbers that your funnel produces, right. So the shorter the sales cycle, the faster you can reinvest into your business and grow your business, okay.

So that's it, I think that's what I wanted to cover that a lot of people that I speak to, I interact with, they worry too much about opt-in rates and they're not getting sales but at the end of the day, sales are the only thing that you should be concerned about.

And you know, if you wanna grow super fast with your business cycles as low as one day, in fact, to be honest, I can just show you how to get paid upfront. If you're interested in that, just go to GIFunnel.com.

Most of these people that I speak to have been trying to make it work for years with little to no success.

They've tried blogging, they've bought different products, and social media, they'd tried chatbots and all those technical things that they don't need to do really, and most of them they just sound desperate for success.

And they just don't know how to go from point A which is being nowhere making no money to point B where they know they're getting consistent sales.

Fact is, there is an online income pyramid that only a few people will ever talk about, and most of these guys that I speak to, are at the bottom of it and they don't even know it.

And I've made a video revealing this pyramid so you can at least have a better idea of what you're doing and where you're heading.

If you like to know more about this online income pyramid and how it's directly affecting your ability to generate commissions or sales online, go to GIFunnel.com and spend some time learning how you're actually risking everything, your time, your money, your effort to build someone else's business.

I'm Prashant and I'll talk to you later. B-Bye.